Key to an Active Lifestyle

Welcome to YouStretching.com.  My name is Dan Rioux.  Getting older can be pretty challenging in a lot of ways.  My biggest concern are the physical issues that can sideline you from living an active lifestyle.

Fortunately there’s something we can do about that.  By restoring your flexibility, you can reverse many of the effects of aging.  For instance, flexibility can help you to correct your posture, restore that range of motion you use to take for granted. It can help you to alleviate joint and body pain.  It can even help you to revive the agility that’s so important when you’re engaged in athletic activities.  By restoring your flexibility, your favorite activities become more enjoyable and your risk of getting sidelined goes way down.

We have a growing library of free videos that will help you get and stay flexible so you can continue living an active pain-free lifestyle. We use a highly effective stretching technique; a technique used by olympic and professional athletes.  And the best part?  The gentle, 2 second stretches are painless to perform and safe, especially for those of us that are aging and beginning to struggle with physical setbacks.

I invite you to use our videos and share them with your family, friends, and anyone who you think might benefit.  And to make sure you don’t miss out on new videos as we release them, simply sign up and we’ll keep you posted.  As a welcome gift we’ll send you our eBook entitled “Pain-Free & Active 2 Seconds at a Time”.  I hope you stay excited about living an active pain-free lifestyle and committed to the self-care that makes it a reality.

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