About YouStretching.com

Are you beyond the “Young & Invincible” phase of life?  Are you aging but refusing to get old?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.

YouStretching.com is a community of people who want to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle regardless of age.  They want to continue enjoying their favorite activities, minimize the risk of injury, and quickly resolve any chronic conditions that loom.  And they’re willing to engage in a self-care program that keeps them off the sidelines and enjoying the lifestyle they’ve known and love.

At YouStretching.com you’ll discover a growing library of videos with answers to your questions, “how to” videos,  and an environment where you’re encouraged share your thoughts  and questions, your progress and challenges.  If you would like to participate, simply sign up and we’ll keep you posted as new videos are released.  As a welcome gift, we’ll send you our free eBook entitled “Active & Pain-Free 2 Seconds at a Time”.


About Dan

Hi, my name is Dan Rioux. I’m the founder of YouStretching.com. I’ve dedicated over 24,000 hours to helping clients with aging-related injuries and chronic conditions.  Helping them get back to their active lifestyle is the most satisfying work I’ve ever done.

But it hasn’t been without some frustration.  When I started out, I relied on various massage techniques.  While my clients did get relief, too many of them weren’t getting their issues resolved.  I needed to find a technique or modality that could effectively resolve aging-related soft tissue issues.

That’s when I went into research mode and learned about Active Isolated Stretching; about how effective it is at dealing with aging issue.  I immediately set off to learn from the master, Aaron Mattes.  I spent over five years studying under Aaron, regularly volunteering at his clinic, and assisting him at Seminars.  The knowledge and skills I acquired proved to be priceless.  I went on to become a Board Certified AIS Instructor.  During that time I also became a certified strength trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE).

I’m happy to report that most of my clients have added stretching to their strength and cardio fitness programs.  And the benefit?  They’re staying active and enjoying their favorite activities with less pain and fewer injuries.  And when setbacks do occur, they’re better able to bounce back.

About Two Second Stretching

The stretching technique that I dubbed Two Second Stretching, is officially called Active Isolated Stretching-The Mattes Method (see why I gave it a nickname?).  Aaron Mattes, a renowned kinesiologist and leader in the field of soft tissue flexibility, developed the Active Isolated Stretching technique over 40 years ago.

At it’s core, Aaron’s technique combines a few important ingredients.  For more about why this technique is so effective, check out our free eBook entitled “Active & Pain-Free 2 Seconds at a Time”.

Today, professionals from several soft tissue disciplines use AIS (Active Isolated Stretching) in their clinics.  Olympic and Professional Athletes rely on Aaron’s technique to help improve their athletic performance and reduce their risk of injury.  World leaders, including U.S. Presidents, European Dignitaries, and Religious Leaders have relied on Aaron’s technique to help them with challenges they’ve faced.

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